IXOS XHT458 3m * Salon Warszawa al. Krakowska 223 * tel. 606-553-190

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  • Producent: IXOS
  • Dostępność: Jest Jest
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  • 599,00 zł 299,00 zł / szt.
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  • Wysokiej klasy kabel HDMI IXOS serii XHT-458 (3 m długości).

    XHT458 posiada cetyfikat HDMI LLC dla kabli HDMI High Speed Specifications do 10.2Gbps.

    • Proprietary Nitrogen Gas-Injected Polyethylene dielectric provides maximum insulation and significantly reduces the dielectric constant
    • Oversized High Grade PC-OFC conductors significantly improve audio and video integrity and detail on longer length cables
    • Triple shielding provides maximum protection against EM and RF interference
    • Patented 4-layer PC board minimises FEXT (Far End Cross Talk) by stabilising impedence
    • IXOS® TRU-HD™ Certified High Definition 1080p Digital Video Transmission*
    • Solid cast metal IXOS® HDMI™ plug eliminates electromagnetic interference at the plug
    • Hard gold plated connectors and patented cable technology provide the finest signal transfer
    • HDMI™ certified * All IXOS Overture HDMI and DVI cables will pass a 1080p signal up to 7.5m.